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10 Hidden iOS8 Tricks and Tools

The iOS8 comes with many great features and tricks for improving one’s mobile life. Unfortunately, most people don’t know most of these tricks and tools. Here are 10 of the best iOS8 tools which you probably didn’t even know existed. 1. Hide Photos There’s a neat feature that hides your photos without deleting them. Tap […]

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Comparing Various Website Builders

Although when wanting a Website for your business it is often best to contact a professional, there are circumstances in which it helps to know how to build your own website. This is usually best for personal websites or creating a mockup of a design for a website developer. Three popular sites for building free […]

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Artificial Intelligence Might Not Kill Us After All

When it comes to artificial intelligent, there are two major trains of thought: this technology will be the birth of a new race or this technology will be the death of us. The train of thought you follow comes from where you learnt about AI. You likely picked up the former train of thought from lectures, individual research […]

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Securing Your Home Simply

New home security technologies are complex, intense and expensive. As technology enthusiasts rolled out new security technologies boasting to be more complex than the last one, Canary decided to take a completely different approach. Yes, it is now possible to take a minimalist approach to security while still being, well, secure. Canary condensed the core […]

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Recent Developments in Sporting Technology

“Technology” and “sporting” aren’t two words you often put together. In fact, when thinking of people immersed in technology, you often picture the very opposite of being active! While that can be true, technology has definitely made its way into sporting and has revolutionised it for the better. Think about it: to be successful at […]

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Neuroscientists Induce Artificial Daydreaming

Neuroscientists have figured out how to induce daydreaming according to a paper just published in the j​ournal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For the skeptic (with their head already in the clouds), inducing daydreaming seems completely unnecessary. And since daydreaming can occupy up to half our waking lives, it seems even more pointless. But these […]

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