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Security Hack Exposed 83 Million Households and Businesses

A security hack at JPMorgan Chase & co is certain to go down in history. Seventy-six million households and seven million businesses had their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses exposed. The breach is said to have exposed personal information of former account holders and people who entered contact information at the bank’s online and mobile sites as well as […]

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Google Program Allows Users to Block Ads

Google is trialing a cool new program for web trawlers sick of Google ads. Whether they’re over repetitive ads, creepily relevant ads or just the bells and whistles of some video ads, any reason is suffice to block ads. But there is a catch. Websites and Google for that matter still need to make a […]

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One Giant Leap For Drone-kind

The Federal Aviation Administration has finally provided a path forward for the legal use of drones in the United States. Finally. If you haven’t already heard of these laws, here’s a quick summary: Commercial drones must stay within line of sight of the operator They can only fly during daylight hours They must stay below speeds of […]

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23% of Online Video Ad Views Come from Robots

Marketers and techies have been suspicious for a while about how many of video ad views are from people. According to a study almost a quarter of views are from robots. Computers operated remotely by hackers have been costing the advertising industry through this. It’s estimated their absent views will cost advertisers $6.3 billion next […]

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Recent Advances in Social Commerce

Social Commerce is quickly infiltrating into every social media site. Facebook and Twitter quickly jumped on board. But now it’s no longer just the big guns participating. Smaller social media sites including small retailers in Asia are becoming more social. Even social media profiles of influential users have become social commerce hotspots! BBC explains this […]

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10 Hidden iOS8 Tricks and Tools

The iOS8 comes with many great features and tricks for improving one’s mobile life. Unfortunately, most people don’t know most of these tricks and tools. Here are 10 of the best iOS8 tools which you probably didn’t even know existed. 1. Hide Photos There’s a neat feature that hides your photos without deleting them. Tap […]

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