Is Your Website Show Home Worthy?

If you’ve ever tried selling your home, you may have an idea what show home status is. It’s this almost unattainable state in which you need to act like the last ten or so years of living in your home never happened. The holes in the wall need to be plastered over, the window you’ve been saying you’ll fix for five years needs to be fixed tomorrow and every single spot needs to be, well, spotless. Whether you’re selling a brand new open or casting the illusion of a brand new home, everything needs to be in order. This is what’s expected.

In essence, your website should be the same. I’m not saying you should pretend your product can solve world hunger. As Online Brands says,

“I wouldn’t recommend putting a less than promising review on your homepage. You should however, only display the best and brightest your company has to offer.”

In this day and age, award-winning building companies, offering house and land packages, know they need to be experts at building home shows and building a home show like website.


Firstly it’s easy to navigate just as a show home should be. Everything is where you would expect it to be – the navigation bar is at the top of the screen and soundbites are on the homepage. The key to remember is put your best foot, or brick, forward.

Banner images provide an opportunity to showcase your beautiful creation and capture the imagination of the viewer. Banner images are usually full width, with an awe-inspiring image, perfect composition, and amazing lighting. They draw the viewer in and make them want to stay on your page.

Optimizing your headlines for engagement is critical. Why say, “How to build a beautiful home,” when you can say “2020’s top 10 trends for creating a beautiful home that you will love!” Make your viewer want to keep reading.

Video is increasingly being utilizes to engage with younger and mobile-savvy viewers. Their philosophy is, why read when you can watch? So give them a short, captivating video. Supplement it with good content and you’re on to a winner.

You don’t just want a show home… you want to craft a show stopper!

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