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Mobile Technology Makes Energy Waste Visible

Your new Android may be able to automatically encrypt data. But could it also help show energy usage and wastage? In short: yes! Powershop has been New Zealand’s powerful energy monitoring tool since 2009. In fact, even today it is one of New Zealand’s only power companies dedicated to helping it’s customers use less electricity. […]

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Google Introduces New Advertising Measurement Tool

Measuring online advertising has typically revolved around online impacts. Click through rates, impressions, sales, repeat visitors were all accounted for. But now Google attempts to dive into the perviously inexplicable offline impacts. That’s right, Google is proving there is a direct correlation between someone seeing a search ad and then visiting a brick and mortar store. The “store […]

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Securing Your Home Simply

New home security technologies are complex, intense and expensive. As technology enthusiasts rolled out new security technologies boasting to be more complex than the last one, Canary decided to take a completely different approach. Yes, it is now possible to take a minimalist approach to security while still being, well, secure. Canary condensed the core […]

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Recent Developments in Sporting Technology

“Technology” and “sporting” aren’t two words you often put together. In fact, when thinking of people immersed in technology, you often picture the very opposite of being active! While that can be true, technology has definitely made its way into sporting and has revolutionised it for the better. Think about it: to be successful at […]

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App Changes Air Here, There and Everywhere

A cool new app makes it seem like the smart home is closer than ever. Sure it’s not this fully furbished smart home that cooks, cleans and entertains for you. But it is readily available and makes life an awful lot simpler. While heat pumps and air conditioners are great they have their limits. On hot […]

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Facial Recognition Technology: In Stores Now

Retail has been getting a major upgrade recently. First robotic shop assistants. And then virtual reality furnishing. And now facial recognition technology. This technology is arguably the most personal retail technology has been so far. Japanese technology giant NEC and California based company FaceFirst have broken into this market. They offer systems that use cameras […]

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