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Digital Waves: Mastering Social Media & SEO Down Under

Australian beach resorts are at a crucial crossroads in today’s digital marketing scene. Take, for instance, Amalfi Resort in the stunning coastal haven of Busselton in Western Australia, where the competition for attention is fierce. In this bustling landscape, standing out and captivating the hearts of travellers is paramount. That’s where social media and Search […]

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Get Wired Into Security

One lesson you never want to learn from experience is how important security is. Maybe important files from your businesses computers were stolen. Or maybe your social media account was hacked into. People are quick to preach the importance of cyber security. But when it comes to residential and commercial security, people aren’t so bold. […]

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The Majority of the World Still Not Online

The Internet has an incredible potential to make the world more equal. The Internet allows anyone, no matter what their background, an equal chance to share their opinions and get educated. However unfortunately, even in 2014, the majority of the world is still not online. To date, 4 billion people are not online. Although the […]

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Artificial Intelligence Might Not Kill Us After All

When it comes to artificial intelligent, there are two major trains of thought: this technology will be the birth of a new race or this technology will be the death of us. The train of thought you follow comes from where you learnt about AI. You likely picked up the former train of thought from lectures, individual research […]

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Best iPhone Apps for 2015

Two months into 2015, and apps still aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, iPhone apps are reaching record sales numbers! Unfortunately, this onslaught of techies with large app-etites means app developers are churning out new apps all the time. This makes it impossible to wade through seas of apps all beckoning for your […]

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