17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2015

As 2015 looms closer, it’s a good time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t worked. In terms of Search Engine Optimisation, we face an embarrassingly high list of things which need to change. Sometimes SEO can feel like anyones game. Because of this, many people approach SEO in a fantastical way and mystify the whole process. By using a few rounds of guessing, some search engine “optimisers” hope to guess their way to a higher ranking.

In 2015 this can no longer be the case. As more myths are left behind, the process becomes more systematic and less guesswork. Here is a collection of SEO myths to leave behind in 2015: /

1. Fiction: Your Site Must Be Submitted to Google

Fact: Google is like Big Brother – Google sees all. You don’t need to submit your site to Google to rank or even appear in search results. You do not need to “tell” Google about your site.

2. Fiction: SEO is all about ranking

Fact: Although undeniably important, ranking is not the supreme end goal that it used to be. Users still have higher click through rates of pages displayed on the first page. They probably won’t scroll through 16 pages to find your special page about vegetarian pet food. However if your page is, say, the first second or third result on the fourth page it may still stand a chance.

3. Fiction: SEO is Something I Can Hand Off to IT

Fact: You don’t have to be a geek worthy of writing on Geek Tamin to learn a thing or two about SEO. SEO requires way more than technical chops.

4. Fiction: More Links are Better Than More Content

Fact: Linking is not a numbers game anymore. Focus instead on having diverse and relevant sources that link to your pages – rather than one source cluttered with links.

5. Fiction: Meta Descriptions Have a Huge Impact On Rankings

Fact: Google announced in 2009 that meta descriptions have no bearing on search rankings. That’s not to say that they’re entirely irrelevant though! Meta descriptions could be the make or break in getting a click through. So instead of clogging your meta description with a repeat of your keyword, try and make it engaging.

Information sourced from Hubspot. Download a free copy of the rest of the myths here.

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