Dr Evil Takes on Killing of Innocent Movies

There is no shortage of opinions on Sony Pictures’ decision to withdraw the movie The Interview due to claimed hacking from North Korea. Prominent figures from actors to politicians are willing to give their two cents. And now the infamous Dr Evil has chipped in.

Dr Evil, the antagonist of the Austin Power film series interrupted regular programming of Saturday Night Live. He claimed being furious at Sony Pictures and North Korea giving evil industries “a bad name.” In a humorous opinion piece, several interesting points were raised about hacking.

Firstly he addressed North Korea. He claimed North Korea is “one of the most evil countires in the world… and your act of war is to kill a movie.”

He then addressed the hackers. He mocked the hackers organisation name and then went on to question their motives. He asked why they should pick on Sony of all options. He claimed they were an unworthy opponent.

Despite all the humiliation caused, not only by media criticism but also Dr Evil, Sony Pictures insists they are only delaying, not canceling the movie. Some are eagerly hoping for this, fearing that if hackers succeed their power over media freedom is demonstrated. And hackers power has had quite enough recognition recently.


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