Five Things to Know About Watching TV on the Web

Today people’s TV watching habits are changing. Most notably, people are no longer being restricted by watching TV only on their box. The progression is mianly tending towards using the web as a TV medium. Spark’s Lightbox service is the most recent growth in this area. Here are five things you should know about watching TV […]

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Going Mobile

Mobile has been continuously expanding and developing especially as a marketing medium. With the rise of smart phones, it is now possible for consumers to engage with companies on the go. Increase in mobile use has been propelled by their widespread availability, the handset culture, service economy, improved price and performance and improved bandwidth. It […]

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Word of Mouse Tips to Increase Digital Presence

Word of mouse is the digital equivalent to the marketing phrase word of mouth. While the term is easy enough to understand, the implementation of it isn’t always so straightforward. Sometimes you can invest a lot of effort into making your website search engine friendly but now have content worthy of being talked about. Other […]

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How to 3D Print a Laptop

With the advent of 3D printing, it’s been long anticipated that the technology would be used to print a laptop. Pi-Top is a small team commercialising this with laptop printing kits. However they aren’t profit pushers. Their aim is to teach transferable skills so beginners will understated phython coding and be able to make their […]

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Twitter the Next Contender in Social Commerce

Facebook’s younger sibling Twitter has followed in it’s footsteps as a contender in social commerce. Except it goes two steps further. The site has been rolling out new technology to enable customers to purchase or add items to a wish list or shopping cart from Twitter. Twitter announced the tool in a very American advertisement several […]

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Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

The waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 released a video of the phone completing the ice bucket challenge. This has been released to demonstrate the phones waterproof capabilities and challenge main competitors whose phones are not water resistant. “While this ad was creative and relevant to current social media trends, it has mostly been viewed critically. And with no mention in the […]

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Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

Techies may be interested to hear that Samsung has announced a bizarre accessory users can buy with their new Galaxy Note 4 phone. Samsung’s Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that immerses users in a reality constructed by technology. The headset is powered by the Galaxy Note 4. For those concerned about whether a mobile technology […]

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New iPad in Production

Anonymous insiders announced the production of a new iPad. This has largely been overridden by Apple’s recent revelation about the Apple Watch. Bloomberg from the New Zealand Herald claims: “Mass production of a full-sized iPad with a 9.7-inch screen is already under way, with an unveiling projected for the end of this quarter or early next, said two of […]

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Spark Seeks 70,000 Lightboxers

After releasing Spark’s new Internet TV service Lightbox, Spark aims to attract at least 70,000 paying customers by June 2015. These customers or “lightboxers” will have access to over 5000 hours worth of content. Anyone with Internet access will be able to participate in a 30 day free trial or purchase the service directly for […]

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Troubleshooting YouTube Embed Links in WordPress

When embedding YouTube videos in WordPress, sometimes only the link will appear. This occurs when the video has been copied from another webpage and already has formatting applied. When looking at the post on Text editor view, the link can be seen with tags wrapped around it. Here is a video with a quick solution to […]

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