Electronic YikeBikes Reclassified as Normal Bikes

Electronically powered “YikeBikes” have been reclassified as normal bikes after nine years of lobbying. Yikebike claims the bikes “propels us into the future of personal transport fusing technological advances in electronic componentry and state-of-the-art tailor-made hardware.” Watch the bikes in action here:

Previously the bikes were classified as automobiles. This restrive classification meant that bikers could only ride on roads. Now the bikes can be ridden essentially anywhere they can be unfolded – including parks, footpaths and roads. There is only one restriction.┬áLincoln Sell YikeBike CEO says, “If your height is right for the YikeBike then you can ride a yikebike – with a helmet.”

Avid iikebiker Mr Bernstein told 3News:

“It’ll be nice to no longer draw the attention of police. We can smile and they’ll hopefully smile back instead of just looking confused.”

The only thing he needs to contend with now is the burst of people who want to try his bike. And judging by the bike’s new potential terrain, there will be many new eager yikebikers.


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