Artificial Intelligence Might Not Kill Us After All

When it comes to artificial intelligent, there are two major trains of thought: this technology will be the birth of a new race or this technology will be the death of us. The train of thought you follow comes from where you learnt about AI. You likely picked up the former train of thought from lectures, individual research […]

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Why update_user_meta doesn’t work with display_name in WordPress and how to use pre_user_display_name instead

WordPress is powerful … but occasionally you’ll hit a problem where you hunt for hours online trying to find a solution. You may find plenty of other people searching for the some thing too, but no decent answers. For me searching for how to use update_user_meta display_name to change the default display name when a new user creates an account was […]

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Securing Your Home Simply

New home security technologies are complex, intense and expensive. As technology enthusiasts rolled out new security technologies boasting to be more complex than the last one, Canary decided to take a completely different approach. Yes, it is now possible to take a minimalist approach to security while still being, well, secure. Canary condensed the core […]

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