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App Changes Air Here, There and Everywhere

A cool new app makes it seem like the smart home is closer than ever. Sure it’s not this fully furbished smart home that cooks, cleans and entertains for you. But it is readily available and makes life an awful lot simpler. While heat pumps and air conditioners are great they have their limits. On hot […]

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Mobile Predictions for 2015

Technology developments are incredibly hard to predict. Technology changes so rapidly and every year it seems to have taken a new direction. I believe one of the best ways to predict technology developments is through looking at the past. ‘ In 2014 we saw several exciting developments in mobile. We saw the iOS8 able to […]

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New Android 5.0 Automatically Encrypts Data

Android 5.0, or ”Lollipop” is being released this month. A cool new feature is it automatically encrypts users data allowing the user exclusive access to their data. This means Google cannot unlock the device even at the request of law enforcement. Previously users were allowed to encrypt their own information on Android devices since 2011. […]

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