Mobile Predictions for 2015

Technology developments are incredibly hard to predict. Technology changes so rapidly and every year it seems to have taken a new direction. I believe one of the best ways to predict technology developments is through looking at the past. ‘

In 2014 we saw several exciting developments in mobile. We saw the iOS8 able to scan credit cards. We also saw Mobile commerce hit nearly half of all e-commerce transactions. And finally. we saw the new Android 5 automatically encrypt data. These developments speak numbers about changes to operating systems, applications and security.

Here are some predictions for mobile following trends we’ve already seen bloom. Some will be already in reach whereas others may seem lightyears away.

1. Mobile Commerce Will Overtake E-Commerce Sales

Mobile commerce has already proved itself as a key player. There’s no arguing that. However there is debate over it’s importance. The stats and I believe mobile will be detrimental to E-commerce. M-Commerce is fairly broad – all include smartphones, most include tablets and several include laptops. Considering the demise of the PC, it seems likely that Mobile commerce will rapidly overtake half of all E-commerce sales.

2.Data Encryption Won’t Be The Users Problem

This is a trend which I am egging on. Currently encryption is largely the users problem (albeit with help from computers). If operating systems and mobile devices follow Android’s example, then it should hopefully become automated. The approach will no longer be “opt in.” And in an age where we are likely to see more privacy breeching, then I believe this will be incredibly important.

3. A is for Android Not Apple

Android will continue to be an unshakeable force in the mobile market. ZDNet believes Android One, Googles initiative to get smartphones in developing markets will be hold it’s position. They say, “In 2015, expect to hear about new Android One partners in India and other emerging markets. These won’t make much of a profit, but in large numbers will cement Android’s number one position in smartphones.”

Apple on the other hand, will continue taking no risks and baby steps. Perhaps a new iPhone will be released with similar features and a new design. It’ll probably cost another few hundred. A few suckers somewhere will likely buy into it. Is Apple taking steps to ensure long term survival? No.

So altogether expect big things in terms of security, mobile commerce and the big players. And expect it to all fit in the palm of your hand.

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