Cool New Website Feature Digitizes the Building Process Further

One form of marketing that is becoming more and more of something that’s in the past is brochures. Some marketers think that by uploading a digital PDF of your brochure to a website that you are digitizing it. Website developers all give an empathetic sigh at this.

What user wants to visit a website and download a PDF, taking up valuable MB on their phone or computer? It’s also pretty awkward to try and browse through – even more so on a mobile.

Unfortunately we tend to see this trend on tradie websites. Tradies are usually masters of the trade, not of their tech. Urban Homes, masterful Hamilton builders, realised this recently when they updated their house and land packages page. Let’s see how this worked for them.

New house and land packages page


Urban Homes used to display their home and land packages using brochures on the website. These static brochures weren’t only a pain for users – they were also a pain to update. Every time a new package was listed or sold the brochure had to be edited and uploaded.

The new page on the site makes it easy for users to see available packages. All necessary features including bathrooms, carports, bedrooms and living rooms are displayed by symbols. Now let’s take a look at what the house and land packages look like when clicked on:


The design is tidy and simple yet states everything a buyer needs to know. Specific contacts for the package are listed alongside a contact form. Instead of copying a phone number or email address, contact is now just a quick click away. So much more user friendly!

If you want to check out house and land packages in Hamilton, try Urban Homes. While you’re there, appreciate how user friendly their webpage is now!

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