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Securing Your Home Simply

New home security technologies are complex, intense and expensive. As technology enthusiasts rolled out new security technologies boasting to be more complex than the last one, Canary decided to take a completely different approach. Yes, it is now possible to take a minimalist approach to security while still being, well, secure. Canary condensed the core […]

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Neuroscientists Induce Artificial Daydreaming

Neuroscientists have figured out how to induce daydreaming according to a paper just published in the j​ournal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For the skeptic (with their head already in the clouds), inducing daydreaming seems completely unnecessary. And since daydreaming can occupy up to half our waking lives, it seems even more pointless. But these […]

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The Hoverboard Finally Exists

Following a chain of other hover inventions including the hover bike, and Martin jetpack, comes a new contender. Introducing the Hendo Hoverboard. The hoverboard lets users glide along the air in movements similar to skateboarding on air. A writer for GigoOM compared the experience to “standing on a giant air hockey puck hovering three quarters of […]

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