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Mobile Technology Makes Energy Waste Visible

Your new Android may be able to automatically encrypt data. But could it also help show energy usage and wastage? In short: yes! Powershop has been New Zealand’s powerful energy monitoring tool since 2009. In fact, even today it is one of New Zealand’s only power companies dedicated to helping it’s customers use less electricity. […]

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Apple Fanatics Satisfy Ravenous App-etites

Apple, alongside thousands of mobile software developers have been met with a particularly ravenous crowd. Enthusiastic users of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches spent a whopping nearly $500 million USD on applications and in-app services in the first week of the year. Not a bad start to 2015 for mobile software developers!┬áThis is the highest […]

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Mobile Predictions for 2015

Technology developments are incredibly hard to predict. Technology changes so rapidly and every year it seems to have taken a new direction. I believe one of the best ways to predict technology developments is through looking at the past. ‘ In 2014 we saw several exciting developments in mobile. We saw the iOS8 able to […]

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Going Mobile

Mobile has been continuously expanding and developing especially as a marketing medium. With the rise of smart phones, it is now possible for consumers to engage with companies on the go. Increase in mobile use has been propelled by their widespread availability, the handset culture, service economy, improved price and performance and improved bandwidth. It […]

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