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The Crucial Differences Between Google Ads and SEO

What’s the difference between Google Ads and SEO? Is one better than the other? Should we use both? Recently, Josh Moore, Chief Marketing Fanatic at online marketing agency, Duoplus, discussed the difference between Google Ads and SEO and how companies should use them in their digital marketing. Whenever I present digital marketing seminars to business […]

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Google Introduces New Advertising Measurement Tool

Measuring online advertising has typically revolved around online impacts. Click through rates, impressions, sales, repeat visitors were all accounted for. But now Google attempts to dive into the perviously inexplicable offline impacts. That’s right, Google is proving there is a direct correlation between someone seeing a search ad and then visiting a brick and mortar store. The “store […]

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Google Program Allows Users to Block Ads

Google is trialing a cool new program for web trawlers sick of Google ads. Whether they’re over repetitive ads, creepily relevant ads or just the bells and whistles of some video ads, any reason is suffice to block ads. But there is a catch. Websites and Google for that matter still need to make a […]

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