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Artificial Intelligence Might Not Kill Us After All

When it comes to artificial intelligent, there are two major trains of thought: this technology will be the birth of a new race or this technology will be the death of us. The train of thought you follow comes from where you learnt about AI. You likely picked up the former train of thought from lectures, individual research […]

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CES Shamelessly Promotes the Internet of Things

CES 2015 was an event not to be missed by tech enthusiasts. Even gardeners lent an ear as CES attendees promoted smart gardens! As diverse as the offerings were, they all pointed back to the same theme- the Internet of Things. Personally I believe the Internet of Things has been over-promised and under-delivered. In 2015 […]

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Talk To Yourself in 2034 With This Website

Courtesy of an interactive advertising campaign by telecommunications company Orange, users can communicate with themselves in twenty years time. Using a video chat format, users communicate using either their microphone or keyboard. Watch a demo of the experience here: Of course “communicate” is a bit of a stretch; the lag is worse than a Skype call on […]

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