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Mobile Predictions for 2015

Technology developments are incredibly hard to predict. Technology changes so rapidly and every year it seems to have taken a new direction. I believe one of the best ways to predict technology developments is through looking at the past. ‘ In 2014 we saw several exciting developments in mobile. We saw the iOS8 able to […]

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Tech Brands Gain Brand Dominance

A recent study by Forbes have listed a plethora of tech brands as the most powerful. Tech brands take four out of the five top spots and just over half of the top ten. As claimed by Online brands, Apple’s brand worth doesn’t seem to be rotting any time soon – with a net worth of […]

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New iPad in Production

Anonymous insiders announced the production of a new iPad. This has largely been overridden by Apple’s recent revelation about the Apple Watch. Bloomberg from the New Zealand Herald claims: “Mass production of a full-sized iPad with a 9.7-inch screen is already under way, with an unveiling projected for the end of this quarter or early next, said two of […]

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