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Comparing Various Website Builders

Although when wanting a Website for your business it is often best to contact a professional, there are circumstances in which it helps to know how to build your own website. This is usually best for personal websites or creating a mockup of a design for a website developer. Three popular sites for building free […]

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How to Have Titles Appear in Lightbox But Not as Tooltip

Back in WordPress 3.7 WordPress finally got rid of the ‘title’ tag from images in galleries.  This title tag created an annoying tooltip when visitors hovered over gallery images, which interfered with nice design.  Like this: However many lightbox plugins used that title tag to display the name of the image. This means that many WordPress site […]

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Troubleshooting Universal Analytics Ecommerce Tracking in WordPress when using Yoast

If you’re using WordPress, Universal Analytics and the Yoast Analytics plugin, and want to set up Google Analytics ecommerce tracking manually, you’re probably running into some problems. I had this exact scenario with a client’s website.  We upgraded from Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics and immediately all ecommerce data stopped being recorded. Even though I […]

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Why update_user_meta doesn’t work with display_name in WordPress and how to use pre_user_display_name instead

WordPress is powerful … but occasionally you’ll hit a problem where you hunt for hours online trying to find a solution. You may find plenty of other people searching for the some thing too, but no decent answers. For me searching for how to use update_user_meta display_name to change the default display name when a new user creates an account was […]

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The New Age of Website Sliders

It’s pretty amusing to look back at old websites and see how static (read: boring) they used to be. One of the things that often catches me off guard is seeing website designers old take on a header. Usually it’s just a plain banner which may or may not have been made using MS Paint. […]

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