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Kiwi Developed Hover Bike Ready for Pre-orders

New Zealand born Chris Malloy has developed a hover bike drone. As seen in several movies including Star Wars, hover bikes appeared to be only possible in a distant future. However as proved by Malloy, hover bikes are quickly becoming a present day reality: A kickstarter campaign was started with a pledge for $60,000 and ended […]

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Potential iPhone 6 Photos Leaked

Luxury iPhone vendor Feld & Volk  have released photos of what may be the iPhone 6 prototype.   Experts have many predicitions about the iPhones new features. These include: A8 Processor This is a faster and more advanced processor than the iPhone 5 current processor of A6. A Reversible Lightning cable A reversible lightning cable […]

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Martin Jetpack Set to Launch into Sharemarket

Martin jetpack, the world’s first practical jetpack, has recently made leaps and bounds over previous models. This improvement has been described as a ‘quantum leap’ over the previous model.  Here is a video of their most recent P12 model: Currently the jetpack has a flight capacity of 30 minutes with speeds up to 74 kilometers […]

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