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CES Shamelessly Promotes the Internet of Things

CES 2015 was an event not to be missed by tech enthusiasts. Even gardeners lent an ear as CES attendees promoted smart gardens! As diverse as the offerings were, they all pointed back to the same theme- the Internet of Things. Personally I believe the Internet of Things has been over-promised and under-delivered. In 2015 […]

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Mobile Predictions for 2015

Technology developments are incredibly hard to predict. Technology changes so rapidly and every year it seems to have taken a new direction. I believe one of the best ways to predict technology developments is through looking at the past. ‘ In 2014 we saw several exciting developments in mobile. We saw the iOS8 able to […]

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Mobile Commerce Critical to Internet Retailing’s Future

It is no surprise that mobile commerce, or m-comemrce, is imperative to Internet retailing today. Smart phones are playing an increasingly important role in our lives, with people using them to replace watches, pedometers, calendars and even laptops. Businesses are mostly accepting the advantages of¬†going mobile. But with the pace of technological developments, it seems […]

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How the TPP Could Damage Digital Freedom

The Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP is a hotly contested agreement. This could prevent future governments from making their own decisions on important issues including how long copyright lasts and how Internet Service providers do business, according to the Fair Deal Coalition. Here is an opinion piece from Stuff: “Hollywood has already approached New Zealand’s […]

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Five Things to Know About Watching TV on the Web

Today people’s TV watching habits are changing. Most notably, people are no longer being restricted by watching TV only on their box. The progression is mianly tending towards using the web as a TV medium. Spark’s Lightbox service is the most recent growth in this area. Here are five¬†things you should know about watching TV […]

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