Apple Fanatics Satisfy Ravenous App-etites

Apple, alongside thousands of mobile software developers have been met with a particularly ravenous crowd. Enthusiastic users of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches spent a whopping nearly $500 million USD on applications and in-app services in the first week of the year. Not a bad start to 2015 for mobile software developers! This is the highest weekly volume recorded by Apple.

If sales continue at this pace, Apple and app developers could split about $25 billion in revenue. That’s about 10,000,000,000 downloads of Where’s my Water! Of course, most of the money goes towards the developers. Apple’s revenue sharing formula dictates that a fair 70% of app sales be paid out to developers.

You may be wondering, will app sales continue to follow this trend, or is this an outlier, perhaps of bored holidayers. Well, it’s unlikely this trend will stop any time soon! Firstly because the world is becoming more mobile. And secondly because this trend has been long in the making for Apple. In 2014 Apple’s app billings increased by 50%. This increase gave app developers $10 billion.

According to the NZ Herald, Most analysts expect the App Store will contribute a bigger piece of Apple’s future profits as people become more dependent on their mobile devices, encouraging developers to create even more services tailored for the gadgets. The latest version of Apple’s mobile software, iOS 8, already is fuelling demand with new categories for home and health management, as well as the opportunity to install alternatives to Apple’s built-in keyboard for the first time.

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