Trial a Smart Home Without the Financial Commitment

Smart homes are central to many futuristic imaginings. They range from solving small inconveniences to the idea of a home that makes decisions for you. As dystopian and disturbing as some of these predictions seem, it’s nice to see advancements made on the former. Take for example the Samsung Home Smart Home.

Samsung Smart Home

You might be wondering what a smart phone company has to do with a smart home. For starters, everything smart in this home is activated through Samsung apps. The washing machine calculates how dirty clothes are and washes them accordingly. The twin convention oven cooks separate meals at different temperatures and cleans itself. The sparkling water fridge can deposit 4kgs of ice at any time- you never know, it might just (probably not) come in handy. The house also has a robot vacuum cleaner; this has a familiarity to the Jetsons.

Samsung estimates this would all cost around $20,000. For those without that much spare change on hand, the home is available to the public in Auckland. However as expected, it has been booked out entirely.


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