How to rank your website higher in Google – SEO for Hamilton Businesses

Search Engine  Optimisation (SEO) for your Local Business in Hamilton

Is your business showing up on the front page of Google for Hamilton (SEO) search results?  If not, you’re missing out on clients, and income.

When customers are searching for your product and services, showing up on the front page of Google can be the deciding factor between a business that’s thriving and one that’s not.

Did you know?

  • There are on average 3.5 billion searches on Google every day1
  • 97% of consumers have used the internet to research products and services in their local area2
  • 92% of searches only look at the first page of results3
  • More than 50% of searches on Google are on mobile devices. 1
  • The website at position #1 in the search results gets 300% more clicks than the website in the #3 position! 3

So, what are the benefits of getting ranked higher in Google Organic Search?

If you get your business to rank higher in Google then it’s obvious that you’ll get more traffic to your website and more enquiry and more traffic and enquiry means more business.

Research shows that on average the #1 ranked site in search results gets 32.5% of clicks.  The #3 site gets 11.4%.  Whereas the #10 site (the last place on the first page) gets only 2.4% of clicks. The full results are shown in the table below.

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