Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung VR

Techies may be interested to hear that Samsung has announced a bizarre accessory users can buy with their new Galaxy Note 4 phone. Samsung’s Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that immerses users in a reality constructed by technology. The headset is powered by the Galaxy Note 4.

For those concerned about whether a mobileGoogle cardboard technology company could pull off a virtual reality headset, don’t be alarmed. This is much unlike the Google cardboard project. The Samsung Gear VR is made using virtual reality technology from Oculus, a company specialising in virtual reality technology.

Although virtual reality technology isn’t new, it is overcoming previous developments in leaps and bounds. Furthermore a virtual reality headset easily (although not cheaply) purchased with a phone is making virtual reality a reality for more people.


While this technology is intended for personal use through online games and watching movies, there are also possibilities of using this technology for business. Other technology developed by Oculus allows businesspeople to hold meetings in virtual reality. Other ways businesses can apply this technology are conducting virtual tours of business environments or retail stores, training new staff or offering a 360 view and virtual demonstration of a product.

Although some businesses already use online worlds to conduct these activities, no other  digital platform currently has the capacity to be as immersive as virtual reality headsets.


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